Grand Theft Auto’s Most Hazardous Personalities

Grand Theft Auto iterations are world famous for being overflowing with the most vicious, remorseless, and insane individuals in the video game sphere, its central characters not being an exception. Furthermore, nearly all significant characters within the Grand Theft Auto universe possess a twisted moral compass, and those who are virtuous or law-abiding often fail to make it until the conclusion of their respective games.

Not just that, in a video game that includes an impressive number of rogue characters, the ones that you would want to avoid in the dark of the night, remains a question. Yes, it does require a special kind of meaning to stand out from a cast of dangerous characters, but the below bad characters get away with the bloody cake. Looking to buy modded GTA accounts for your Xbox console, try the GTA V modded accounts xbox one listing available at CSGOSmurfNinja! 

Grand Theft Auto’s Most Deadly Characters

1. Claude (GTA III) 

Claude, a silent protagonist from the 3rd entry of Grand Theft Auto, who transformed open-world video games, is designed as a blank slate. Not much is known about this mute yet enigmatic central character of Grand Theft Auto III, rather than that he was the owner of a garage in San Fierro, who was betrayed was his then girlfriend: Catalina, famous for being equally ruthless, in a failed bank heist and left for dead. 

The force that drives Claude in Grand Theft Auto 3 is revenge. His eagerness to settle scores with Catalina is so big that he has no issues with joining hands with anyone when it comes to achieving his goal and that is why he will not even give it a second thought when it comes to getting rid of anyone who stands enroute his aim. Looking for reliable Grand Theft Auto modded accounts for your Sony Playstation, try to buy modded GTA 5 account ps4 available on CSGO Smurf Ninja!

Things go much further, because when the Grand Theft Auto 3 is nearing its end, Claude has managed to disturb the Yakuza, Cartel, and Mafia in his exercise to extract revenge from Catalina, which makes him one of the most dangerous and infamous criminals in Liberty City. His fate at present is not known, but based on the body count in Grand Theft Auto 3, one can easily estimate that he is probably still out there. 

2. Niko Bellic (GTA IV) 

Niko Bellic is an awful character who just cannot live a normal life, in other words, a life that doesn’t include violence, irrespective of the magnitude of his efforts, is not meant for Bellic. Born and brought up in an abusive home, and afterwards becoming a Yugoslavian army soldier in his teens, Niko fought the Yugoslav Wars, and there he committed some pretty evil acts. Want instant delivery of your modded accounts, try CSGOSmurfNinja!

This part of life played a crucial role in him being bitter, a depression patient, and disenfranchised. That is why, in the absence of any skillset he chose the European criminal underworld to earn his bread and butter. And after a failed smuggling heist in the Adriatic sea, Niko made another attempt to begin a new life in Liberty City. But his karma caught up to him, and he went back to the life of crime i.e., murders.  

Niko’s deeds in Grand Theft Auto 4 are filled with violence, demolition, and woe, in the process creating a fearsome reputation for him within the criminal world. There is little bit of mention of him in the forthcoming instalments, but despite all that, not much is known about his fate, because the last mention of him in Grand Theft Auto was that he is nowhere to be seen. Want weekend support for your modded account purchase, visit CSGO Smurf Ninja!

3. Trevor Philips 

This was something that most in the Grand Theft Auto community already anticipated. We are talking about Trevor Philips, who minus any doubt is the most dangerous entity at present within the Grand Theft Auto space. On the contrary, he is short on both influence and power. But he makes up for that with complete, unbridled and unhinged anarchy. 

Trevor can be considered a wild card in any scenario and his talent that enables him to come up with careless levels of violence has the potential to make even the most capable personalities in the Grand Theft Auto arena shiver. Meanwhile, he does have one appreciable quality in his personality: his unquestionable loyalty to those he respects or consider his near and dear ones.

But beware his volatile personality which is often unpredictable will always put everyone around, on an edge. In other words, very much like a ticking time bomb, he has the potential to convert any situation into a complete disaster for each and everyone, hence making the most dangerous character in GTA. 

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, GTA iterations are globally famous for being overflowing with the most vicious, cruel, and insane personalities in the video game sphere, its central characters not being an exception. Last but not least, find above the list that talks in thorough detail about some of them. 

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